Thursday, March 26, 2015

Game Changer, Life Saver

On that Mirky Thursday afternoon, I was feeling so down, I was lost in my small world(My world), I was reciting poems to my weak soul as my heart teared away. I was at that breaking point, a point of no return, I had given up on life, all hope was lost. Many doors were shutting and windows hadn't opened yet, many friends were deserting me and many rumours started making rounds. But even during such hard times, there are people who never disappoint, so one of my very good friends sent me this audio via the green app (Whatsapp)... An audio I would like to share with you, where-ever you are, if you are feeling sick, if you are feeling down, if all hope is lost, if everything is getting lost, if you can't find your strength in this cold world anymore, there is hope for you and i am no Preacher.
"Remember this, the definition of Adulthood is responsibility, take responsibility in you future, choose to be a success for success is waiting for the man who plans for it, who says 'I will read this book' and he reads it.
Here is the life changing audio I was sent, be kind enough to share it with a friend, a nemesis or family...

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