Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stop the stigma

Save a life... get involved!!
It is really appalling, how a young boy can be refused to go to school because he is an HIV/AIDS victim. No one chooses to become a victim of disease, knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, some people have chosen to act God. Many AIDS victims have failed to acquire jobs even when fully qualified, many have been denied visas, many have been thrown out of school, many have been denied food at home, many have been laughed at,many have been ignored, yet they all are humans. This harrasment and stigmatism is one of the supreme reasons as to why many victims are ready and are actually spreading the virus to many other people who don't yet have the virus, knowingly but unregretfuly.

The bible emphasizes, " do unto others what you would have them do unto you," would you like to be dropped on the streets, laughed at, made fun of, isolated, thrown out of school, mistreated, harrased, like you came from hell yet its a place like hell that you are living in, I guess not. Let's join the fight against HIV/AIDS stigmatism and spread in Africa, putting in mind the words that our friend and brother, Philly Bongole Lutaaya sang with utmost love amidst all circumstances of his life.

"Out there somewhere, alone and frightened, of the darkness. They days are long. Life is hiding, no more making new contacts.
No more loving arms, thrown around my neck.
Take my hand now,
I am tired and lonely.
Give me love, give me hope.
Don't desert me, don't reject me. All I need is love and understanding." He sang. Save some lives now, save the children of. The world.
Get involved, stop stigmatism, stop the spread of AIDS.. start helping..

Philly Lutaaya Alone YouTube.com/watch?v=CyVZON… via @YouTube