Sunday, June 29, 2014

The weekend saga

Love is one of those few human emotions that has a switch in my heart, so it has a chance and choice of going on or off depending on what I want. That doesnt make me a king but a rul3r in my universe(whatever that means). Friday is ine if those days that I buy newspapers with an intention of looking at pictures and finding out which movies are showing in the cinemas over the week end and also tight marking the night clubs that wil have theme nights come saturday. Truthfully, there is alot of gossip in Thursday newspapers and I aint a gossio fan.

On saturday, I work half day so I spend the other half of the day resting, rather sleeping ahead of a long night of webly pops(beers), music and ladies. Not that I am a fan of ladies, but being single opens opportunities of peace, wildness and beeing free(sue me if you can). That means I am free to get naughty or dance and drink like a human, not a bottle maniac. So there happens to be Social Media day by mashable.. which I lovingly attended and hit legends bar later in the evening on hearing the squalid yellow animals had been slaughtered. Talk of parliamentary pork.

Well, after a long crazy night, I feel guilty that I dont go ti church every single sunday. But the carpet around my bed is used to the fact that I kneel down and thank God daily for a day well spent. In the evenings before diving into bed and in the morning when I painfully throw the blanket off. I spend most of my sunday plottingbthe following week, making schedules, watching movies and reading my bed side novel 'an equal music'  and on mondays, whatever I post on any social site has a hashtag #ihatemondays...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Formal intro!

Writers are many but readers are few especially in Africa, no research has been carried out to get answers. Shawn Davis Kawalya, Ugandan by nationality, a blogger, free lance writer, self inspired public speaker, citizen and volunteer. My passion to write overwhelms my capability to sleep, my main blog is seconded by the one you are reading right now.

The sun rises and sets just like we wake up and go back to sleep, the alarm is just like a reminder not a boss. I am not a fan of procrastination,  time management is my thing.

Writings here are my own opinions and I am only responsible for what I write, not what you understand.

A lil bit of love