Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you Deserve that Job or Promo?

Many fellas are on the streets looking for jobs, others have taken to volunteering as they wait for their big break, well as others are simply seated at home waiting for that 'job offer' call. Whatever you have chosen to do, It's your life and your choice, and I won't try to change that. But again, you need some self evaluation, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, you need to know you passions and hobbies, you need to set a few principles to prosper. These 5 things could land you a job, but yet again, they could make you lose a job, these are some of the top attributes looked for in candidates;
  1. Honesty & trustworthiness
Are you honest, do your friends refer to you as an honest person? Are you the king/ Queen of lies? Do you have the power to put aside your ego so as to do something right, like telling the truth?, Can you be trusted? Can you trust?
Honesty connotes virtous attributes such as integrity, honor, morality, ethics, righteousness, right-mindedness and uprightness.
And you don't have to be a catholic or an Anglican or a moslem, you don't even have to be a priest, a pastor or a Sheikh to be honest, you just have to be yourself, that small doze of truth might bail you out, so don't leave it packed at home.
3.  Commitment;
There is a reason as to why people would highly vote a married person to a position of responsibility, one of those reasons is commitment. It is defined as the quality of being dedicated to a cause or an activity. Employers want committed fellows, fellows who will push their business and brand through all seasons and hurdles. There might not be a chemical test for commitment but believe me, it will land you a job.
I have seen people my age, despising jobs because they pay low or they require them to be at work by 7 am. Such fellows are not committed to their jobs, such fellows are simply after the money, not their passions or growth, and such people are greedy, and greedy people lack patience, hence their chances of succeeding are on the high-low.
Commitment denotes attributes such as Dedication, Devotion, Allegiance, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Responsibility, Obligation, Duty, Tie and Liability.
Being committed to a cause requires having principles of your own, principles of life, that define you and the way you do the things you do. I don't know whether commitment is taught in school today, but I know it can build your career.
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4.  Adaptability;
Latin: Adaptó which means "to fit" or "to adjust." The ability to change according to changes in the environment or location, Being able to change to new environments or circumstances. This is a very great attribute that only few people posses. Unfortunately, I have nothing more to say about it, but this quote does;
It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adoptable to change. - Charles Darwin.
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5. Accountability;
This means being accountable for everything you do or say, this is a determining factor in life and lack of accountability almost explains the reason as to why we still have poor governance and a high rise in corruption in our country. Being Accountable for everything is one of the reasons many people carry out that self evaluation test at the end of every month, it's the reason people are willing and want to know what they don't know.
I don't  guarantee that the above will land you a quick job, but in the long run, the results will be visible, not only to you but also to your employer, employee, friends and family. Always remember to carry that package of Honesty & Trustworthiness, Commitment, Adaptability and Accountability plus never leave your morals behind.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Game Changer, Life Saver

On that Mirky Thursday afternoon, I was feeling so down, I was lost in my small world(My world), I was reciting poems to my weak soul as my heart teared away. I was at that breaking point, a point of no return, I had given up on life, all hope was lost. Many doors were shutting and windows hadn't opened yet, many friends were deserting me and many rumours started making rounds. But even during such hard times, there are people who never disappoint, so one of my very good friends sent me this audio via the green app (Whatsapp)... An audio I would like to share with you, where-ever you are, if you are feeling sick, if you are feeling down, if all hope is lost, if everything is getting lost, if you can't find your strength in this cold world anymore, there is hope for you and i am no Preacher.
"Remember this, the definition of Adulthood is responsibility, take responsibility in you future, choose to be a success for success is waiting for the man who plans for it, who says 'I will read this book' and he reads it.
Here is the life changing audio I was sent, be kind enough to share it with a friend, a nemesis or family...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The weekend saga

Love is one of those few human emotions that has a switch in my heart, so it has a chance and choice of going on or off depending on what I want. That doesnt make me a king but a rul3r in my universe(whatever that means). Friday is ine if those days that I buy newspapers with an intention of looking at pictures and finding out which movies are showing in the cinemas over the week end and also tight marking the night clubs that wil have theme nights come saturday. Truthfully, there is alot of gossip in Thursday newspapers and I aint a gossio fan.

On saturday, I work half day so I spend the other half of the day resting, rather sleeping ahead of a long night of webly pops(beers), music and ladies. Not that I am a fan of ladies, but being single opens opportunities of peace, wildness and beeing free(sue me if you can). That means I am free to get naughty or dance and drink like a human, not a bottle maniac. So there happens to be Social Media day by mashable.. which I lovingly attended and hit legends bar later in the evening on hearing the squalid yellow animals had been slaughtered. Talk of parliamentary pork.

Well, after a long crazy night, I feel guilty that I dont go ti church every single sunday. But the carpet around my bed is used to the fact that I kneel down and thank God daily for a day well spent. In the evenings before diving into bed and in the morning when I painfully throw the blanket off. I spend most of my sunday plottingbthe following week, making schedules, watching movies and reading my bed side novel 'an equal music'  and on mondays, whatever I post on any social site has a hashtag #ihatemondays...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Formal intro!

Writers are many but readers are few especially in Africa, no research has been carried out to get answers. Shawn Davis Kawalya, Ugandan by nationality, a blogger, free lance writer, self inspired public speaker, citizen and volunteer. My passion to write overwhelms my capability to sleep, my main blog is seconded by the one you are reading right now.

The sun rises and sets just like we wake up and go back to sleep, the alarm is just like a reminder not a boss. I am not a fan of procrastination,  time management is my thing.

Writings here are my own opinions and I am only responsible for what I write, not what you understand.

A lil bit of love

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stop the stigma

Save a life... get involved!!
It is really appalling, how a young boy can be refused to go to school because he is an HIV/AIDS victim. No one chooses to become a victim of disease, knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, some people have chosen to act God. Many AIDS victims have failed to acquire jobs even when fully qualified, many have been denied visas, many have been thrown out of school, many have been denied food at home, many have been laughed at,many have been ignored, yet they all are humans. This harrasment and stigmatism is one of the supreme reasons as to why many victims are ready and are actually spreading the virus to many other people who don't yet have the virus, knowingly but unregretfuly.

The bible emphasizes, " do unto others what you would have them do unto you," would you like to be dropped on the streets, laughed at, made fun of, isolated, thrown out of school, mistreated, harrased, like you came from hell yet its a place like hell that you are living in, I guess not. Let's join the fight against HIV/AIDS stigmatism and spread in Africa, putting in mind the words that our friend and brother, Philly Bongole Lutaaya sang with utmost love amidst all circumstances of his life.

"Out there somewhere, alone and frightened, of the darkness. They days are long. Life is hiding, no more making new contacts.
No more loving arms, thrown around my neck.
Take my hand now,
I am tired and lonely.
Give me love, give me hope.
Don't desert me, don't reject me. All I need is love and understanding." He sang. Save some lives now, save the children of. The world.
Get involved, stop stigmatism, stop the spread of AIDS.. start helping..

Philly Lutaaya Alone… via @YouTube